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For Providers | Shangrila Hospice

Refer a Patient

As part of the continuum of care and to honor the dignity of each person and their right to informed choice, we want to provide patients and their families with information on palliative care. You can refer patients to Shangrila Hospice with confidence for a palliative care consultation.

Call us today, or submit an online referral using the form below. We will call you for further information within hours of your online referral. This information will include:

  • Details of the admitting diagnosis and prognosis
  • Current medical findings
  • Orders for medications and treatments
  • Patient and family understanding of disease and prognosis
  • Relevant patient and family information
  • History and physical
  • Order for hospice care

The next steps for us will then include:

  • Calling the family to get information and informed consent
  • Making an appointment for a family/patient visit to get information for a patient assessment
  • Developing a plan of care based on the nursing/social work assessment

If you have questions about your patient’s eligibility for hospice care, please call us at (866) 981-4065 for a consultation.