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Managing the Relationship with Healthcare Professionals

Here are some practical suggestions to keep in mind when you need information and help from health professionals:

1. Be clear about what you want, and get to the point as soon as possible.

Make lists of questions and concerns, and have them in front of you when you talk with health professionals.

2. Have all the information that health professionals may need ready when you call.

Many of the individual plans in this guide have lists of information you should have when you call for professional help. Try to think ahead about what information medical staff may need, and try to have it ready when you call.

3. Always write down the answers.

This will ensure that you have the information correct and do not forget it. Have paper and a pencil ready when you call. It is good to keep your questions and answers together in a file or drawer where you can easily find and review them.

4. Be firm and straightforward about getting the information and the help that you need.

Health professionals are there to help you be a good caregiver, so make your requests with confidence that you will get the help you need. Feel free to tell them when you do not understand. Remain calm, and speak in a pleasant, polite voice. Being angry usually is not helpful. Being pleasant, firm, persistent, are usually the best strategies. And of course, showing your appreciation never hurts. 

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