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Hospice Information | Shangrila Hospice

Working with Family and Friends

Above all else, do not try to do everything yourself. Always ask for help. You may have to ask five people to get two involved, but you’ll never regret asking.

Family members, friends, clergy, and people who belong to community organizations all can help you. Some can help with planning, and others can help with carrying out those plans and giving support.

People who live in the same household or are going to be very involved in carrying out a plan should help in developing it, and they should read and understand this guide. Then, they will be able to work with you and the patient as a team. If they have had a hand in its development, they will be more committed to carrying out the plan.

Remember that others may want to help but need to be told how. Be clear with these people about what you would like them to do as well as the limits of what is expected of them.

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