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Volunteer | Shangrila Hospice

Volunteering and Hospice

The 500,000 plus hospice volunteers at work in hospices throughout the U.S. are an essential part of the hospice philosophy of care. In fact, federal law requires that at least 5% of patient care hours be provided by volunteers. If you're thinking about volunteering with Shangrila Hospice, we ask that you take the time to explore the following topics, and then submit an application.

  • The Many Roles of Our Volunteers

    The Many Roles of Our Volunteers

    All of our volunteers are important members of an interdisciplinary team and provide compassionate care for the dying and their families. Some volunteers may have specialized expertise, but most are just people who want to help their friends and neighbors and serve the community.

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  • Volunteer Training

    Volunteer Training

    To ensure that all volunteers are equipped for the challenge of working with the dying; hospices require that volunteers complete orientation and training sessions, as well as submit to a routine background check.

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  • Volunteer Application

    Volunteer Application

    If you’ve decided to join our team, we invite you to submit an application to our Volunteer Coordinator. Be sure to note your skills and interests, so that we can find the best “fit” for you within our organization.

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  • Volunteer Spotlight