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About Us | Shangrila Hospice


The leadership team of Shangrila Hospice team provides our organization with the management of day-to-day operations and acts as visionaries for future growth, shaping the culture, standards and excellence of our organization.


Shangrila Hospice was founded in 2013, with the idea of creating a Christian run hospice agency. The plan was to share financial resources and work experience to develop the business. Tim has extensive experience in management and accounting. He rented an office space in Upland, California and later moved the business to Rancho Cucamonga. This was due to the fact that by the summer of 2015 the business had outgrown their office space, and needed to move into a much larger facility. Today that office space is fully utilized as the company has maintained steady growth. Shangrila Hospice is now working on long range plans, strategies and personnel development to ensure continued success and provide the highest level of professional care to all their clients and their families.

Tim Swett
Tim Swett, Owner

Tim graduated with a BS Degree in Business Administration from Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan in 1982. After working in plastic manufacturing as a production scheduler and inventory control manager in Michigan his native state, he moved to Fresno California in 1984. While there Tim attended Fresno State University, working on a graduate degree in accounting, but before graduating he was offered a job with the Internal Revenue Service as a Revenue Agent. Tim worked fifteen years for them in Riverside and Palm Springs, California as well as the District Office in Laguna Niguel on occasions . During his tenure there Tim earned his MBA Degree from California State University in 1992. Tim also passed the CPA Exam and became certified as a CPA. During the years from 1995 through 2002 Tim invested heavily in real estate and resigned from the IRS when his investments paid more than his job.