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About Us | Shangrila Hospice

Who We Are

In the novel Lost Horizon, "Shangri-La" is a mystical, harmonious valley, and the name has become synonymous with any earthly paradise. We felt it was the perfect choice of name for our hospice organization, in that we do what we can to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual comfort for our clients. In this way we can make the last days, weeks or months of their lives harmonious.

Our Mission Statement

Shangrila Hospice’s mission is to provide the terminally ill patient and their loved ones with the support and care they deserve to live their lives comfortably. Our Hospice team strives to enable the patient and family to maintain dignity and enhance the quality of life.

We strive to empower the patient and family by providing them with the tools, information, and support they need to make informed decisions. We provide ongoing support for family and friends for as long as needed.

We believe that Hospice care should be available to any and all persons with an illness for which there is no cure or for persons who elect not to attempt a cure, resulting in a limited life expectancy.

Shangrila Hospice is…

  • Community – Centered As a locally owned and operated hospice agency, we are part of your community. 
  • Focused – We concentrate all of our efforts and expertise strictly on home hospice and palliative care. 
  • Stable – The caring, experienced professionals who join our team stay over the long term.
  • Diverse – We use a broad spectrum of specialists, including physicians and nurses specially trained in hospice care.
  • Experienced – We only use highly experienced medical professionals in every phase of our hospice care services. 
  • Constant – You will always see the same staff members unless you ask us to make a change or we encounter a very unusual situation requiring us to make a substitution.  

In short, Shangrila Hospice takes pride in providing levels of personal care that "Enhances the Quality of Life" for each of our patients.  We invite you to call us for a free evaluation.